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Enterprise Mobility Suite + Security

Enterprise Mobility Suite+ Security

The hardest thing to prevent right now is weak passwords but %75 percent of all paswords are easy to be able to compromise and they are weak or exploitable and thats really hard to prevent in the modern day of people writing passwords on the bottom of their lapptops, notepads monitors etc. We also see that you know with users having access to more devices now they want to access their corporate data any time everywhere no matter the circumstances so how do we secure a lot of data as its goingf on all these trusted and untrusted devices what used to be called the enterprise mobility suite is now called the enterprise at mobility and security suite so this make up of four primary pillers;

  1. Identity and Access Management; how do we allow users to login without having to use a password with single sign on with credentials their device and with things like modern login with things windows hello I can log in with my face biometrics I can also add other factors of authentication to ensure that I am actually myself versus and potential intruder there’s  also an identity prespective Microsoft has the ability to integrate with about 2.700 cloud apps whether it be net docs or workday conquer salesforce office 365 so the benefit is we dont have to maintain all these different identity sources it really allows us to have a single control plane and that thats thumprint of you know Active Directory which almost everyone has in your environment.
  2.  Mobile device and app management MDM; mdm mobile device management so in this case its more traditionally how do I manage a usres device whether it be a corporate device or your own device, office and mobile office most of your users are likely leveraging office on their desktops they also want to leverage it on their mobile devices and they are really the only one that can provide that unique as well as the ability to secure that data as it exists on those  devices as well
  3. Information Protection; the third thing that microsoft brings the table with enterprise when building security is around document protection so this is primarily the ability to ensure a document is protected no matter where it goes you know that budget spreadsheet that the exactcast today if they drop it on a common file share they drop it on a common directory today everyones gonna be able to see that with RMS we can actually protect something so that no matter where it goes whether it be Google drive whether it be a file share or home PC whether  user leaves the organization or not we can protect that content no matter where it is we can also track that content via a great document tracking portal as well.
  4. Behavior based threat analytics; the last piece is around threat detection and this is called advanced threat analytics and this is focused on stealing a user’s credentials without it having to be a password these are the typical attacks we are all hearing about new market today pass the hash pass the ticket but it also do is the ability to look for abnormal logins via machine learning so it actually behave you know look at user behavior and understand what’s normal and the what’s not normal.

So, this suite is focused on securing your users no matter where they are no matter what their devices are.

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